Mississippi Moments

Monday, April 04, 2011

"Singing Away the Dark" by Caroline Woodward
"I sing for sun,
I sing for strength,
I sing for warm toes, too."

Same for me---and this iversion--
I SLEEP for sun,
I SLEEP for strength,
I SLEEP for warm toes, too."

When I wasn't dancing, figuring out what to do with this wee cottage, taking long walks with the man and dog, cooking for the dog, and discussing anthropomorphism in literature and book series that continue to imprint and impact on our lives with the Philologists, I was sleeping. This entire weekend. I feel as though it was some last hibernation hurrah. Perhaps that's what it was with the star magnolias twinkling and forsythia brightening walks, even rosemary was blloiming out. I can't wait for sceanothis which should be coming along soon.

There is rarely one day in 200 when there is not something on the calendar. That was yesterday. It was puzzling. But I liked it.


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