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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still no conclusions. Results today.
The vet went spelunking in Porter's gut looking for the thing that the x-rays say is in there. Did not find it. Did not get it. He has an enlarged liver and some other stuff. An infection in his paws. In other words, he is not detoxing. Not good. Hope, hope, hope this is just a whopping food allergy. Food allergy is doable. SO is everything else because we must. That was June's and part of July's mortgage payment. Maybe I will have to take another job this summer...This pattern of sick Shelties is not my favorite. What is up with my boy-dogs?

Spring is here. In my bones. In the air. In our growing things. In Mother's morning whispers. In the energy in my body.In the birds. In the mouse motel in the basement...which is pissing me off because they won't quit pissing off. And making a big, whopping, smelly, unhealthy MESS! Given me a reason to layer up, get out the shovel, and get down to disgusting..whatever it takes. I am not a shirker. Sometimes I wish I was and someone else would just pick up the slack. I see this in the world A LOT. We are in research mode to find out what to do about this wee cottage. This charming fixer-upper needs a new upper and a new lower and a newer kitchen and another bathroom. I have a job for next year and probably for any year that I want it. I am learning to have more of a backbone there, too. Handing back shovels to many students and to their parents with the full intention that they do their own work and clean up. Sometimes (ALWAYS) it takes some work and intention and effort and practice to learn to use all the shovels we need in life, in and OUT of school. This lesson is also being learned on the home front...makes it difficult to watch when the need for the shovel isn't even on the radar. We shall see. Sometimes we don't get the shovels sorted out until we are in our forties. Just so long as I get a nice glass of wine once in awhile when I set the shovel down and pick up a tulip instead or the harp instead or a good book or the hand of my husband or a friend or my dog's sweet face.
Like Mary Englebreit (sp?)says,"We all need freedom, sunshine, and a little flower." I'll add "shovel" to that list. For the time being.


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