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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We are united in Love.

Blessed are we who Hope.

Porter made it to his 2nd Birthday--TODAY! (He is getting surgery next week for his present and we will see him make it to his 3rd and beyond!)

I was reading about saying Good-bye--to dreams, beloveds, situations, regrets----none of this is easy. It just clears out space and Healing for other Dreams and Love to Grow.

While part of me is devastated at the pain and struggle of Beloveds, at what is happening in Japan and the world, at the need and survival existence of children in Swaziland and everywhere, at animal cruelty, at fear of what may happen---I still Stand and Laugh and Thank and Hold in Love and Peace and Delight with Loving Source who makes the blossoms to unfold at the perfect moment, Who sends angels in human and other disguise to remind you of who you really are, Who Holds you in ways you cannot see, feel, hear, while at the same time reminding your Circle and Village who can see, hear, feel, and share to do this for you when you need it most....I am also most profoundly thankful this morning (for three in a row actually and still counting) for the gift of faith that my parents instilled and nourished in me. Without it, I would be one lost pup.

My next door neighbor, Maryanne (three time breast cancer survivor) told me about a sign she has hanging in her living room--"Laughter is a SURVIVAL skill!". It was the first thing she hung up in her house after it was newly painted and she looks at it everyday and lives it.


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