Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"You've Got To Hold It Right------"

The moon in the west this morning, over the singing mountains--
It was very quiet. Very peaceful. Very beautiful.

I was thinking, as I often do,(as I always do),
praying, walking, fussing, letting go,laughing about this and that, worrying, chewing, letting more go, breathing, not breathing, remembering to breathe again, laughing at that and myself---

Dougie has a song that spoke to my Heart this morning--The Scything Song--you know, the one in which he recalls watching his Da go down to the grass patch and work the blade in such a way, how he listened to his father, learned from his Da---
Words from that song speak to me of a different grassy patch, a different kind of blade, a different way of Awaking to the Work, Doing the Work, Being the Work, Joining with Another (Others)in the Work---

"You've got to hold it right,
feel the distance to the ground.
Move with a touch so light,
until its rhytmn you have found--
then you'll know.....what I know.


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