Mississippi Moments

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Soo happy to be walking in the sunshine again (like the pup!)---even if it is still in the high 30's.
41 and counting days of clouds, overcast, and rain---not a clear day since Feb. 25th. That is a bit much, even for someone like me who likes the rain, expects the slime, and looks forward to walks in the wet so I can enjoy my cup of tea in the dry and warm even more!....so, I plan to enjoy emphatically the next couple of days, even though my partner has come down with the flu and I'm in a holding pattern to see who else will get sick...not the dog! Not me!

And here is something else...I don't think it is very nice when I see dog walkers go by other peoples' gardens and pick the daffies and other pretty flowers in bloom without so much as a "Hey, is it okay if...?" It's just like letting your dog defecate on their yard and then walking away....not respectful. We can be better than that. If I hadn't been across a busy street on the other side, I would have said something.

The theme of Mass today was about letting God soften your hard heart.Sounds like that bit about "Disarming your heart." Good to think on. Act on. Stay warm and turn your face toward that warm, golden, splendid orb. Whilst you can.


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