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Monday, May 02, 2011

Spring has sprung!
Or at least it did for 2 warm and lovely days.
Now we are back to cool, grey and lovely days.

Porter had another relapse while I was away with him on Easter break.
We came home early, got him stabilized, and are on Day 4 of getting and staying on track. This is one tough situation. And it is literally one s**t at a time. Or not at all and then the other happens, and that's the bad, going to worse.

Made up for it with some nice conversations about the royal wedding. Lunch out with Mary J. Beginning to pack up the house and get rid of more stuff. We are still in planning and purpose stages of this remodel project. Likely this week we will know if it is a go or if we cut bait and go fish somewhere else.

I like being able to live without stuff. I like it when the stuff we get is useful and/or beautiful and fits just right. I like it when with a little planning and energy, things can move along. And if it doesn't, then you can stand still, rage, rave, rant, or cry, then breathe and try again when you're ready or not. I also like knowing that the students in middleschool land DID learn the research project process--some more than others; I will take this continuum of success and holes as is. I am certainly enjoying the variety of topics and writing styles. Podcasts this week.This research project has been a huge learning curve for me as well as them. I am learning to streamline. I am learning to listen better. I am learning. Period. I really love my new job. I am learning that.

I am choosing not to dance with the fear of cancer. It's here. All the time. I was back down at SCCA because the team found some other lumps in my other breast. With the additional scans and specialists, they couldn't find anything. I could've told them that. They don't much like it when you joke about being a "lumpy person". I will go crazy if I don't keep a sense of humor around this. Which is hard to do when my Beloveds are fighting and healing from the lumpstuff. I pray and claim the Healing and Hope of Christ and the Abundant Universe for them and for all. I give thanks for Knowing that. Believing this. Living this.

My Heart aches this morning for all of us. The death of bin Laden brings something--I would not call it justice----I pray for Peace.


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