Mississippi Moments

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Love means each person is free to follow his or her heart,
seek his or her own path.
If we truly love, our choices will naturally
and freely serve that love well.
When we give freedom to another, we really give freedom to ourselves."
---Melodie Beattie

It is Good Friday. On my long Friday morning walk with my getting healthier everyday pup, I listened to music that reminded me of the Hope that is the Sacrifice Our Lord Jesus made for us. I looked at the sky. I watched the flickers whicka-whicka-whiccaing it up and then whacking at gutters, metal chimney pipes, and the tops of power poles. I enjoyed the whimsey emerging in the gardens along lower Phinney Ridge and hiked it up the long hill near the Three Billy Goats Gruff community garden. I love to turn around at the top, when I am trying to catch my breath, and look to the Olympics in the west. Today, they were still snuggled under mist quilts. Yesterday, they were out singing the glory of God. I love my Friday morning walks especially because I allow myself a couple of hours if I need/want it before I head off to school. I am with one or more of my best friends. And coffee, of course. It is the end of this work week. And somehow, I always find the Hand of My Maker, and He walks with me. We have long talks. And listens. I smiled this morning in telling Him about the two herons I have seen this week, one heading south--that was a first for me in recent memory. I take that as a harbinger of creativity. The one headed northwesterly reminds me of staying strong for what is Good and Beautiful and True and that we have all our Ancestors and Saints and Spirit Helpers here to help and hold us when the world gets too heavy and chaotic.

I had a moment yesterday, several actually that brought me to tears. I experienced my first ever Sacred, Symbolic Seder meal--complete with ancient Hebrew songs and prayers and stories. Wow. Then my brother sent a video about Dancing and Gift and Heaven and Community. That made me cry for the Amazing Grace and Gift this Life and Love are. It made me press on with my deep cry that "I TRUST YOU!" to God because my circle is bombarded everyday with stories of beloveds who are "fighting "cancer and not winning. There are too many to count. And if they are not my beloveds, they are someone's and that makes them mine. I really hate this. I hate the potential the fear has to rob me and others of the Joy and Gratitude I choose in this Breath. And in the next. And the next. So, this Good Friday, I remember the Deed that was Chosen, Suffered, and Fulfilled on our behalf. And the Rising to New Life that was Chosen and Actualized for Us. It is Finished. And because It was, WE ARE NOT.

So, I am going to follow the "Heron's Way" (thank you, Coli for that song) and sing like our Jewish friends, "Thank you, Amazing Creator, for this day and for all the Blessings and Hope you give to us. Love, your Erin


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