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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Learned some more things this week:
1. Some people are always just good to be around--Kathleen is one of them. Mary J. is another. We went to a baby shower for our dear friends, Mike and Julie, and it was a pleasant time. And lots of cute baby stuff and some interesting women to boot.
The drives over and back were full of enjoyable conversation.
2. I can't get off the 4 roller coaster, so I have decided to DRIVE IT! We'll see what happens.
3. Things are challenging at work, but not impossible yet.
4. I went to a life-style change/nutrition class tonight-first of 6. Didn't learn anything I didn't already know, except it will be nice to reconnect with common sense and food with some other interesting women. Can't believe this though-they want/expect us to give up coffee and alcohol for the first week. Not gonna happen for me. I'll cut back, but I don't want that kind of detox. I like my addictions.
5. Brigie needs some more pretty vases. I see some Waterford in her future.
6. Few things in this Life are as nurturing as having tea and pie with good friends, running into the people you really wanted to see, and finding out that you have enough hot water for more than one bath a day if you need it.
7. Old Burien has some cute shops. I still hate shopping but I like to look through windows.
8. Walking around the neighborhood with a teacup of mellow chard, traipsing past gardens replete with yellows, oranges, browns, maroons, and greens, and not feeling quite so naked as before...it was a good place to be. Felt alright.

I'll be taking Fiona's ashes (some of them) down to the Field this weekend to put with Sadie's in the big garden and then go out to the ocean near Grayland to offer some more to the wind and waves and seagulls...this house still smells all wrong. I don't have the heart to hang more Christmas lights yet, but I did burn some veggie bacon on purpose the other day just to make the scent linger...problem is, that was four days ago...sigh...:)
I met a Havanese (dog) today. Cute as a button, Named Bocce. Great with kids, but no grace-not like Shelties.


  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger Brigid said…

    What?! You didn't like us using the blender as a vase?!?!

    Thank you for the flowers....they are still smiling at us everytime we walk in the door. :)


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