Mississippi Moments

Saturday, January 27, 2007

35. scented candles
36. friends who make scented candles and give them to me
37. enjoying dinner at a new place and knowing that I still best enjoy my old favorites that I can afford
38. Subarus on a rainy day
39. Subarus in the snow
40. Subarus with hatchback for putting things in the back
41. Subarus when you have forgotten that you put stuff back there last week and then you open it and voila! it's all there including all the tupperware you use to bring soup to school
42. Hot soup at school
43. Hot tea at school after you've eaten your lunch
44. Being afraid that you wouldn't be able to be happy for friends who have had a baby and you don't have yours yet and then you find out that --nope--you can be happy for them, genuinely, and you will be happier when you get yours, too
45. wondering what happy smells like when you are trying to decide what soap to use in the shower
46. deciding that you, yourself, smell like happy and that it can be a whole lot of things
47. the Rolling Stones
48. Aretha
49. Jack Johnson
50. the Burning Down the house guy
51. being honest
52. disco
53. going totally retro on the 4th graders when we were discussing what it was like to dress "80's"--
54. not being able to come out of the 80's and enjoying the hell out of it!
55. teaching them to "slam dance" like Julie and I use to in the bathroom and bounce off the walls and each other.
56. trying to explain this to the parents of said children after they bring it home.
57. reggae without ganja
58. knowing Mom has my prom dress and I can wear it on Tuesday because I saw it in the basement at Christmas


  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    A couple of items actually made me laugh out loud today! The moment between 41 and 42 was hilarious. It was blessedly childlike! And I asked myself the exact same question (#45) yesterday morning, but instead I decided I needed to go buy more soaps because everything in my bathroom is so pedestrian!! love you!

  • At 10:37 PM, Blogger MihErn said…

    And you just made ME laugh!! Even better...enjoy your soaps! I love YOU!


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