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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Miracles, magic...oh yeah, I fucking forgot.
Now I remember.
Hee!...things are fine in my world. I just forgot for a couple of days.
Did some great ritual Letting Go to the Stones last night...my knees are paying for it today, but then two miracles happened that I counted, well, three.
1. The pink-encrusted mountains at dusk tonight.
2. Sara handing me a plan with dancing targets for the students tonight. Yay, lots of talk, show and little bounce. Good for knees.
3. I AM going to get some clock hour credits for this writing class that I have been taking since August. I have hit the perfect score mark every single week (on my own with a little help from my friends and handouts) and prof pulled me aside today and said he was going to pull it off for me. Yay.
4. The fog creeping across the sound this morning at dawn and the way it just floated across the water like the foam when the waves pull back at the ocean.
5. All my Sistahs and Sister-friends and Star Sisters holding space around me and My Heart and reminding me to trust what I know, let it go, get mad if I need to to find the energy to be present to what is coming, and to remember that I will be given what I need.
6. I already have it. What I need that is.
7. Someone named Tim. He seems really nice. He plays harp. He has a parrot. He lives in Ballard. We might be friends.
8. Homemade bread.
9. Wood to share.
10. Big golden dogs with pig toys in their mouths.
Darn! I have to get to bed and the list was just starting.......


  • At 9:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your forgot the most important number....

    11. I ROCK!!

    (import that line in your list please)



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