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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cat is coming here to live. Today. In about an hour.
His name is Amore (say "amour"). He has a lot of health challenges. So what.
We're gonna love on him and the other way around.
I am in need of a kitty crate-not a cardboard one.
I also am in need of some cat toys. We have a litter box. I haven't seen it yet but it is coming with the cat.
The wedding was beautiful. Brigie is a married lady. If you haven't heard Colleen's song about it yet, go to her blog and listen. Amazing. Sweet. Lovely. The family scrum at the ocean was fun and full. Fletcher did not run away screaming although some of my brothers were giving him the once over...or so it appeared. I sidled away for a bit at the after-hitch affair and watched from afar. Someone handed him a dishtowel and off he went. Heard more than once from folks that this one is a "keeper". I hope so. He can make his own decision about that. So far, so grand. We are going to do more of that (family get together to play) but no wedding or funeral required, just getting together at the "shore" (but not Ocean Shores, hopefully--Little Feather calls it "Open Sores"). I have some places to suggest up at Copalis or near there. Went off to The Field (Will and Little Feather's home) and had some downtime. We went bushwacking in search of new beaver ponds and found at least three. Will loves to get off the beaten trail. Later this fall, I want to do more of that and plan to wear a bright orange vest. My dog will wear one, too.
Started working back at school yesterday. Lots more of that for the next two weeks and then children come. There will be twenty students in secondgradeland. And my Jedi who doesn't like Legolas because he is a weeny is back. Some fluke and a harried principal made some changes. Yippeee!


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