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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Channeling my Inner Surridge!
MWAHAHAHAHAHAH! We foiled Le Rat---at least for now with duct tape and a stick!
For those of you who may not yet be in the know (too late now!), my Grandpa Surridge could fix anything with duct tape, needlenose pliers and a stick. So I cut off access to the kitchen with duct tape. I really need to find a board or something like the doors on ritzy houses where the doors actually go all the way to the ground and don't have a space underneath. I mean, we took care of the mouse holes in the front door with steel wool and aluminum foil. It's all still there and still working. I will reset the traps after dance camp today......MWAHAHAHAHHA!

On another note: I was thinking during my walk and workout this morning---(oooh, that's a newsflash-*snort*) It used to be that I had gotten used to being "clobbered" by those cosmic 2x4s that bring "bad news" and it was my experience that my Breath would be takenaway...now I find that my Breath is taken away with the experience of the cosmic "Good News" that keeps coming my way. Except Now, I am becoming accustomed to it being MY Turn for the Good Stuff.:) And I keep asking and receiving the GOOD STUFF.And it will take time and learning to Breathe with this. Does that ever happen to you?

And underneath it all, I still don't understand anything really. I don't care to. And I still TRUST my Heavenly Father and God's Will for my Life. I just don't want to be a goat. More on that later. Love to you today. It is IN YOU. It IS YOU...and drink your water. It's gonna be a hot one.


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