Mississippi Moments

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Better Day.
Fletcher is home from the hospital. Thank you to the "Calvary" (aka Val and her Fearless Attitude) for collecting him from Good Sam in Puyallup. I don't understand everything (she does) but it seems like he was already dehydrated to begin with, took his regular highbloodpressure meds which include a diuretic (sp?) and these took and lowered his heart rate even more...or something. He also has something going on with his kidney and with his GI....put'em together and what have you got?...a very short trip to the Fair and a very long weekend in the hospital. He is on to the next steps of follow-though and care.
I picked up some stuff that a woman from Curves needed help stewarding.
I did yard work today.
I went to Mass with Miz Sister Teresa.
I have a lovely time with some bookgroup friends.
I sat in the full moonlight with my dog.
Time for some rest and then up to do lesson plans.
Thanks for all the offers of support and check-ins. All is well. It really always was...a lot of sh#@ just hit my fan at once. Good thing I have pink wellies.


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