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Monday, August 25, 2008

Looking to Rehome Kitty
I have begun the process of finding the best home for Amore. Here is not it.
Those of you reading this--will you please get the word out to your circles. He is a love...
Here is what I know and what he needs:
I "rescued" an orange cat. He is a neutered male. He is about 5-7 years
old. I am looking to rehome him. Here are his circumstances. He was starving. He
is not starving now. He has hyperthyroid and also compromised kidneys. He is on
a prescription (Hill k/d) diet. He will also need daily medicine unless his new
person chooses to treat him in other ways(homeopathically). He has had all of his initial cat panel
as well as rabies and one other set of vaccinations. He doesn't have fleas.
He was living/existing under the butterfly bush on the corner for a very long time.
He also has bad teeth, bleeding gums, and a sore mouth. I am committed to getting
his teeth fixed at the least but he needs to put some weight on first. I have
a month's worth of food for him already. He is a LOVE. In fact, that's his
name around here. Amore. He has also been called by Flatnose, Ace, Laverne, and
Horatio. He gets along fine with Cedar--let's put it this way, his cattitude
rules. Everything. He purrs at the drop of a hat. He doesn't like to be told
no or off. He talks and lets you know what he wants, when, how, and for how long.
He likes dog food. He is a neat catbox user. He doesn't sleep at night. He prowls
and explores. Then snuggles. I wish I could care for him. I cannot in the manner
which is required and take care of myself and Squishy. Do you know of anyone who
might like to enjoy and care for an orange cat? I am looking to rehome him before
we bond. Thanks, Erin


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