Mississippi Moments

Monday, February 05, 2007

77. walking in the mist on the edge of the bluff at Lincoln Park in West Seattle with Little Feather
78. big yellow dogs with polka-dotted furry bones and zebra striped fuzzy octopus thingies
79. tea with my Family of Choice all together in one room...at the same time...with each other
80. Dad's latest story--it is knocking my socks and my Heart off. I'm on my third reading and I am blown away.
81. Healing, tremendous healing
82. the release and power that come from this healing
83. bookgroup
84. actually preparing and practicing writing lessons and following through...and they happened as planned adn tomorrow will, too
85. working out at Curves, then a walk, then another walk
86. deciding to run the St. Patrick's Day Dash
87. trying to find someone(s) to run with me--anyone? anyone? sistahs? Sisters?
88. finding a note on my back work table at school today at the end of the day ( it is the little tradition of one of the students to leave me a little note at the end of the day..) Here's what today's said: We can't wait for s/he to get here. You can't wait either! It's gonna be so good!
89. Little Feather coming up and spending four days with me here at Fair Isle for Imbolc
90. one of Duvall musicians said YES to the Ballard ceilidh I am calling at Curves on Mar. 2nd to raise food for the Ballard Food Bank-YAY! Should be fun. must remember to tell kathleen so she can put it out there
91. hearing from Kathleen, Julie and Mike, Scott and Lisa, Fran
92. only one more NW Writing class to go!!! Hip, hip----oh, let's go have a glass of vouvray.
93. Life


  • At 8:28 PM, Blogger MihErn said…

    You ROCK, emr!

  • At 9:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You do ROCK, emr ~ sorry, no dash for me this year. Brigie & I talked about the sista's walking the 3-Day tho. Maybe not this year but next??? What do you think.

    Really looking forward to sending Bindi your way for a week!!!

    XOXOXO, Maude

  • At 10:42 PM, Anonymous coli said…

    I WANT TO RUN IT WITH YOU!!! dammit. I am good and runnish these days and I won't be home until the 14th at the earliest. Sonova...

    you ROCK, emr!

  • At 8:38 AM, Blogger The Freewaydiva said…

    I'm in. What day is it?


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