Mississippi Moments

Thursday, February 01, 2007

so tired...a bit bored...kind of unmotivated for the rest of the work week...sleep doesn't seem to be helping...and I just want to eat comfort foods in between spurts of some energy. I am still laughing. I am still working. Sort of working out (4 days this week instead of 6) and that...winter blahs--that's what it is.
71. red wine with orange juice
72. one of the dancers hornpipe timing--she has been working her kabootie off
73. it's Imbolc now--time time of the Maiden. rebirth of essence. rebirth of seeds of manifestation. rebirth or renewal of dreams and truths. What do you want in your life in the days and months to come? What seeds do you want to identify and put in the fire and then plant?
74. my students noticed the moon today
time for bed. I am loving Shipping News.
75. Thank you, Jesus, for this amazing day.
76. I am getting ready to burn something....


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