Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fill my spirit
with the wild abandon-infused winds of autumn
that keep positive and negative
space moving and changing,
charged and clear.
Fill my inner circle with the Beloved in the
form of lover, partner, true friends, family,
truth and laughter.
---Marcy Tilton, "Artist's Prayer"

Boy, am I tired! Two hours sleep and 19 conferences completed today-with a lovely walk at early eventide amidst goldens and reds under a sun-warmed blue sky. It was quite a day. 9 more tomorrow and it's all stretched out until 6pm, but then it will be over until a few more next week. All went well today--and I worked hard to prepare and to be ready for all the Data-Driven Assessment/Evidence/Decision-making.

I enjoyed time with the parents. I came away today believing that they know how special their children are and that they are held in "Creative Love".
I'm missing my dogs today.
Time for the resting...4:45am comes early. Love to you, Morningsong.


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