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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fill your bowl to the brim
and it will spill.
Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt.
Chase after money and security
and your heart will never unclench.
Care about people's appoval and you will be their prisoner.
Do your work, step back.
The only path to serenity.--Lao Tzu

I have dirt under my fingernails. I have hops leaves down my back and elderbery in my hair. Some of the front garden has begun to be put to bed for the winter. Flicker called and called while I was out there working. The trees rustled and sunshine tickled the backs of the alder and weeping birch. I worked for an hour and a half and came near to tears only three times... Looking for furry faces under the lace-leaf and remembering to close the back gate. I am looking forward to those days again. The black kitty came out again, walked the paths through the front and made as if to inspect the lawnmower, making certain that I knew she was there. She has made a direct connection nearly everyday for the past couple of weeks. She lolls near Peregrin in the back, splays out on the driveway in the afternoons on days I come home at a reasonable hour, and she sets and stares when I come out to check for mail or bring out recycling. She was near but hidden when my friend, MP, tried to connect with her last night. I could "feel" her but she was hiding near the garage. I get the sense that I am hers" and Fair Isle, too. This will unfold.
So it turns out I totally blew off book group on Friday night because I was so busy celebrating the full moon and friends in this little house. My Bad. But it was so Good to have life and laughter in here again--not to mention mac and cheese. Next month, I am there--now I need to find out the book. I enjoyed the time with MP. We walked and talked. I learn so much when I am around her. She seems so quiet but that well is DEEP and Alive. And she speaks "Cat". I am glad she lives close.

I took courage and went after one of my personal goals this morning. I went to service/church(?) with my brother and his wife up in Snohomish. I have wondered about this faith community of theirs for a long time-years in fact. Then I was given the opportunity to be of service at the soccer camp connected with the community. There was a lot of life and Spirit then and there. And this faith community touches and fills M- and K- and their family in so many ways. So, I went. I was not disappointed. Imagine my surprise, when we help ourselves to Starbucks coffee 5 minutes before the service and Matt tells me to bring my coffee into church! (Okay, not going to argue with you there!). The music was uplifting. I knew most of the songs. There was a choir and a few words from Pastor Sean. Then there was a sermon/Scripture lesson from Pastor Rod. It was all about the prodigal son. Then there was more prayer. The children don't come to service with the grown-ups and teens. There are three separate children's "churches" going on in the rest of the building. I wonder if they ever come to service together. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it might be something similar to what I experienced in MS. It was and it wasn't.There was alot of Love, focus, embracing, welcome, and Holy Spirit in that place. I do not care to compare. I wonder if it is being a 4 with a 3 next door that I can feel reasonably comfortable and connected where I am, etc. where Spirit is concerned-service, Mass, prayer circle with children, on horseback riding near mudflats and singing praise songs, faculty prayer, sweatlodge, walks on the beach, on the bed with coffee and dogs, Yuletide... I am grateful for all of it. I would like to go back. I loved seeing my nephews, too. Liam still doesn't know who I am...but Connor and Kieren do!
The clouds are covering as if God is making the night sky bed with dark, flannel sheets. Almost time to start another fire in the woodstove. I need to work on conference materials for this coming week. I have been avoiding it all day. I enjoyed a nice lunch with Val on the way down from Snohomish. We talked harps, books, and life. I like spending time with Val.
My neighbors just returned from their annual pilgrimage to wine country--eastern Washington. They are set-22 cases of wine and three pumpkins at a dollar apiece. I told Dave that he really broke the pumpkin budget this year.
And on a last note, 3 hawks made their presences known on my meanderings today--one dived bombed my car on Hwy. 9 on the way to church. I'll need to look that one up. Thank you, Lord, for this most amazing day...


  • At 7:04 AM, Blogger MihErn said…

    Hawks-symbols of of intensified Life-force, pop up when you are moving toward your soul purpose more dynamically...Soaring and gliding with the currents of life are abilities of this member of the "Buteo" family. Interesting....Yup.

  • At 7:05 AM, Blogger MihErn said…

    Flicker-new rhythm of growth and healing...ok.


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