Mississippi Moments

Saturday, October 14, 2006

The herbs of the field and
the symbols of land
bring healing and bliss
as they come through my hand.
I welcome new fruits,
I welcome new birth,
as old wounds are healed
in the joy of the earth.__Nancy Rose Meeker, "The Healer"

Did you see and smell what an unbelievable day it was today? The mist never lifted. It was my favorite kind of October day--grey, coccooned, color-filled, cool, damped-dry...little errands and little visits. Big naps, big baths, big reading. The woodstove is cleaned, inspected, and given the stamp of safety. Winter may now approacheth. The drycleaning picked up, the water hand- scooped from the broken washing machine and bleach put in to eradicate the smell. Laura and Mike are safe, warm, and living in a home-not an empty house--. That was a relief. MP and I enjoyed a walk and dinner and tea. Not too many people I know have a Master's Degree in existential phenomenology from DuQuesne. I told you there was depth to that woman. We are planning an excursion to go down and visit Billie and Laurel from Book Group with Meegan. I look forward to that drive and time shared.
Another A-haaa moment today--I realized that I don't "NEED" dogs to live fully...this does not change the WANT dogs aspect of what I consider to be an abundant Life! I almost called Brenin with the news...Looking forward to the dancing this week...church tomorrow, time with Mary J., a little work in the classroom, a walk at Shilshole hopefully to see the trees on the hillside in their autumn finery and to hear the sealions wailing on the buoys...


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