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Sunday, October 29, 2006

How to be your own fairy godmother....?
I started out this weekend with some fairly solid ideas. Gather in a few and fey choice things and get ready to look for, create, or find your own magic:
Gather in Belief that you are worth this.
Gather in books that speak to this.
Gather in friends and other beloveds who know this to be true and who see it already ALIVE in you.
Gather in the outside world that challenges you to Look, Touch, Smell, Be Ruffled...
Gather in the gladness and the firewood.
Gather in the candles and the scented bathsuds.
Gather in your gratitude journal, your discovery journal, your rage journal or your internal journal.
Gather in good cross trainers, sports bra, water bottle, and a new Brita filter.
Gather in the music and the artists that give words and feeling and sound to your Heart and Mind.
Gather in your permission to FEEL----IT------ALL.
Gather in the giving in, the surrender.
Gather in the safe place, the sanctuary or the haven.
Gather in the support, professional and otherwise.
Gather in the Knowing, Wisdom, and Support of all the other Awakened who have trod their own path-experiences of this.
Gather in with one Deep Breath and cast the first spell...a Tinkerbell moment..."I believe, yes, I believe. See, I'm clapping and saying I believe and meaning it for this moment into the next moment."


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