Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You CAN go "Home" again....
Here are two thoughts I'd like to share that jumped off the page and into my Heart while observing a class at my new place of blood, sweat, and joy:

"Joy is a net of love where you can catch souls."--Mother Teresa


"Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.
It means that you've decided to look beyond perfections."---Mother Teresa

I hauled myself and my jack o'lantern to school today to learn and to share a lesson on Samhain. Learned about "20's", a drama practice to enhance memorization. Then I ran into another aunt and uncle while they were in the parking lot and I was hauling myself and my pumpkin home. I keep getting approached my middle school students who are asking me if I know this person or that person..and this or that person is usually a former student of mine who is near to or has graduated from college. There are more than a younger siblings of former students. And several students who are children of classmates. And the grandparents waiting outside the school today for pick-up are the parents when I was a kid and went there.

You can go "Home" again because I am not the same person. Home (school) is not the same. This is one of these Cosmic opportunities to embrace change for what it can be---good. It just means I've decided to look right here, right now and embrace THAT joy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

On a Lark...
Yesterday, I got the once in a lifetime chance to sing "with" my sister and my Dad.
As back-up for a song on her newest CD that is about to be birthed. Something I have always wanted to do. Made me happy to be invited to participate. Still am happy about it. I crack too many jokes when I am nervous. I think that happened yesterday but it all worked out. At least that is what the fairy god-daughter is telling us.:)

Fletcher and I attended Harper Tache's concert on Sat. night at the Trinity Episcopal church on Capitol Hill. For one, I really enjoy going to other sacred places and spaces. Second, I enjoy non-miked music and stories...more intimate, more meaningful. Harper has a way of sharing stories and inviting the audience to join his creative visualizations so we can experience what he was experiencing when he was inspired in the forest glade, and the edge of the world on the Isle of Lewis, under a whorl of stars in mid-winter at Holden Village in the middle of nowhere, in a desert oasis of mystery, in the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest. It was a nourishing evening to be sure.

Got to hold the twin niece and nephew and spend some quality time with their parental units in their home. It was a sweet time.

Still chewing on and being challenged by the words and actions of Fr. John Dear, SJ who spoke as part of the Peace Lecture series at Willamette U in Salem last week. I had a singularly special time sharing with my friend, Jean. Disarming one's heart of violence is a worthy and mighty endeavor. Good thing we have lots of help!
First early, early pre-dawn walk in the wind, rain, and dark. Going to take some time to transition to this. Very thankful for the new and brighter street lights here in our neighborhood.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

To answer the larger question -- whether a grand purpose in life is necessary for having a good life -- I'd say that society benefits when there's variety in what people see as their life purpose. People with small ambitions, quiet lives, or just a knack for fun, bring needed balance to people with grand ambitions. Someone needs to tend the gardens and bake cookies with the kids. The world definitely needs people who tend to the world-changing details of raising a child well, as badly as it needs its global peacemakers. What matters, I think, is that you bring more to the world than you take away. That's a good life. The details are up to you.---Carolyn Hax

...and we all grow and benefit from really great music for the soundtracks of our lives.--EMR

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This just in--thanks Auntie Lydia---

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly.
On a broomstick.
We are flexible like that.

Some days just keep getting better!:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today, I sat on a friend's deck and sewed the hems on new teaching-dance pants and fixed the gaps and restuffed the guts coming out of several favored dog toys while she repainted her deck. I kept us supplied with hot spiced cider and a favorite poem of mine from Joyce Rupp. We listened to the birds and her African Grey named Ripley who was definitely part of the conversation. We enjoyed the light and the colors of the day and the season. We enjoyed not hurrying. We enjoyed topic drift and the natural ebb and flow of our time spent.

Then I walked my dog and enjoyed more of the colors and more of this beautiful light.
I am thankful I know how to Stop. and Breathe.

Have you considered taking time, finding time to do some of the same? It is exceptionally beautiful out there. And when one is quiet enough, exceptionally beautiful on the inside, too.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mision Cumplida Chile!
Chi! Chi! Chi! Le! Le! Le!
Viva Chile!
Viva Dios!
Viva Vida!
This is a day for happy tears.
I am so thankful for the Chilean miners who are being brought up, one at a time,
from what could have been a very sad ending.
And the dogs are in the middle of a Murray sleepover. They have been at it since last night except when they are sleeping. They will both sleep well tonight.
Truth be told, I slept exceedingly well last night.
Praise Be to our Awesome God!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Murray's Got the Ticket

When you have had enough of the world in general, go find the nearest loving lap to crawl into. Life gets immediately better.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

BAROOO-ROO-Roo and the Little Cadence that goes with it

"To be grateful for what is,
instead of underscoring what is not.
To find good amid the unwanted aspects of life,
without denying the presence of the unwanted.

To focus on beauty in the little things of life,
as well as being deliberate about the great beauties of art, literature, music, and nature.
To be present to one's own small space of life,
while stretching to the wide world beyond it.
To find something to laugh about every day,
even when there seems nothing to laugh about.
To search for and to see the good in others,
rather than remembering their faults and weaknesses.
To be thankful for each loving deed done by another,
no matter how insignificant it might be.
To taste life to the fullest,
and not take any part of it for granted....to be at peace with what cannot be changed.
-----Joyce Rupp, "Gratitude"

Brigie and Matt had their baby girl yesterday. Cadence Opal. How perfect is that. She has a Village to love her.Their fur-kid is here at Fair Isle with us. We are having a pretty fun time after we got the rules established inside and out.
The "Boys" spend most of their time whooping it up on my bed, having now been renamed the "Party Palace". I kick them off at bedtime. We are enjoying very long walks in the morning and evening. We finally today figured out how to play outside together in the same space without breaking the smaller one of us. Running, tug o'war, hide-n-seek, digging, a little wrestling, lots of sniffing--for over an hour in the October sun. It was fun for all. I had the pleasure of sewing up the ripped up sections of the stuffed toys they are playing with. Naptime is included everyday. So is quiet time when Auntie Erin goes to dancing.

Not much in the mood to write. Just seem to be enjoying what is happening moment to moment. Joyce Rupp captured it best.

Monday, October 04, 2010

October is here and the Christmas music has begun...in earnest...
and I don't want any comments about the fact that it never ends...because I know that already. Tell me something new and enticing that I don't know!:)

We are beginning a quiet day here at the Cottage. It is Recipe Day. That is what we are calling Mondays now. Unless the day becomes Go Find A New Trail Or Garden To Explore Day or Let's Go To The Dump Day or Let's Go Wander in A Town Nearby Day or Let's Sleep Until Our Joints Don't Hurt That Much Day or Let's Take Our Tea Outside And Watch The Sky and Listen To The Birds Sing Day. I believe that I am getting the hang of this time to rest thing. More or less.

The weekend was interesting. Taught dance classes Friday night in Lynnwood. I enjoyed ending the week that way. It is always a challenge to step into a new set of classes with dancers used to a particular teacher and particular ways of doing things and set off on the learning, teaching, sweating, power struggles that want to be but ain't, and reactions from their parents watching every blessed interaction and word through the windows. I love Love and Logic. It is life-saving, sanity preserving, patience enhancing, and flow-worthy. It doesn't interfere with the learning and interactions with the rest of a class and it addresses "problems" and potential problems with grace, the correct level of attention without getting hooked, and gives the child choices...and the instructor, too. And that I have 25 years of experience working with 2nd graders who aren't used to being told no didn't hurt either. These kids are just begging to be boundaried, clearly, respectfully, and consistently. And it always catches me inside (not in a good way) when parents are in awe at how I handle "things". There are so many resources out there. Go find them. Ask someone. Ask me. I'll share. Even though I am only the substitute dance teacher. I had a ball. I had a good workout even hacking up a lung. And my hips, waist, legs, and feet are getting in Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars shape!

Saturday was spent driving a friend and her husband up to Canada to catch their cruise through the Panama canal. Coming back to the US from Canada took a good long while. Then it was off to book group. Another compelling, entertaining, and engaging evening of conversation, thought sharing, and downright opinion-mongering. It is Home to me, my thirsty mind, and community-seeking heart.

Sunday was spent helping out Magical Strings by working the harp and music booth at the Issaquah Salmon Days. Tons of people. Lots of friendly dogs. Talked and talked about harps, the upcoming Yuletide concerts, gave lots of mini lessons to children. I love that part, when a child holds and strokes a harp for the first time. We are lucky to have such a connection to the Bouldings and the invitation to be a part of this community of creative and compassionate people. We put the booth away and enjoyed a quiet dinner in a noisy restaurant before coming home.

Off to check out the recipes I was interested in last week and to see what ingredients need to be gathered. This week will involve something in the crockpot. I want that smell to come home to after a long dog walk or teaching dance.
I love October. Hug your pets today or your favorite tree or give love to your plants. It is St. Francis Day. He would like that.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Some mornings are just made for little sweetnesses-
The light playing off my"black" dog which turns him sort of chestnut and speckled, the rough softness of a very old wool blanket curled around my head as I try to burrow deeper because the neighbor next door has decided to mow at 7 a.m., the peace that comes with hand-hemming workout pants, a good cup of coffee (of course), prayer that comes over the internet and in the morning reading for the day, the heavenly hugs that make the hairs on my heart stand up from the ancestors--Grandma Grace in particular to day because it is St. Terese of Liseux's Day--The Day of Little Ways and Big Love.
Here are some little ways that are, to me, inner proof that the Ways Have it-
*listening to stressed out beloveds, just listening
*helping out in family emergencies
*harvesting and not letting things go to waste
*spending time in quiet
*more prayer-talking and listening to Abba
*getting help when and as needed
*going the extra mile
*drinking deeply of this cup of gratitude
*not losing faith and or losing faith and forgiving yourself when it's happened.
*being happy for others

More later....