Mississippi Moments

Saturday, March 31, 2007

'The alternative blues-kicker is to shift gear. Ask for grace. Call a good friend and talk. Put the kettle on for a fresh pot of tea. Wash your face, comb your hair, put on some lipstick, perfume, and earrings. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Straighten the living room so you can find a place to sit down. Take a walk around the block and clear your head.....Dark days come to all of us. Yet discouraging days bring with them golden opportunities when we can be kind to ourselves." Sarah Ban Breathnach
I don't do perfume anymore, but rose water from the co-op or citrus essential oil or rosemary strewn about the classroom can do a bit of a pep-up number.
aaaaaahhh..Flicker was calling on our walk this morning in the dewy. misty, rainy north side of 65th. So was Crow.
Starting to feel like myself, the myself whose skin I like to be in.
Came home from school and class after that last night to a happy, squirrely puppy. Another walk in near dark and then to candlelight and being together in our home for a quiet time. Thank you Mary, COli, and Maude for taking such good care of him yesterday and thanks to Jean and Laura for the care during the week. It matters so much!
Doing laundry is a meditative, centering task...just not when your dog discovers the mirror behind the door...again. This is getting to be a daily trip!
I aced my exam. I'm glad. I don't "need" (this is really a lie) to be at the top of the class..if I have breath in my brain, I'm going to do what I can to get there. I have this wee competitive streak. The only difference now is that I don't have to publicly sit up front and suck up to the teacher. I can (and do) sit in the back and crack jokes to myself and anybody else nearby about the dinosaurs in the field whose brains are cracking under the strain of learning new things--again! The best thing is that the "new" stuff is just come 'round again solid teaching and learning that is baaaccckkkkk because it woooorrrrkkkksss. (You supply your own The Shining voice on that part). Unlike stupid fashions from the 70's that should've just stayed gone but are back now. Still, I'm liking the headband fad that's up now and the cute, longer tied shirts over the jeans. DOn't like the leggings under the skirts...
So, that awful dream about my dog. Had a couple of insights. IT seems that I have been pulling, demanding his energy to fill my sorrowing cup for Sadie and Fiona. HArd to put this into words. His Life-energy and Being are for Now and for Him, not for me to take inthat way or expect in that way. The dream was about respect and living in the now. The other part of this was last night I asked my spirit helpers, angels, and the Lord to guard against anymore bad dreams like that. I need the rest.
I slept so soundly that I don't remember any of the night's dreaming but just before wake-up, I dreamt that part of the back fence had fallen down or was opened and left a spot where Cedar could get out...so when we went outside, he got out in to the street. I did what I usually do and started the sweet, fun, happy call to get him back and come he did. Snagged him by the collar and in we went. I noticed that there was a path there out to the street and someone had weedwhacked it back or walked it so much that it was worn down. Closed the gate and relatched the hook and just as I did that into the yard sauntered what I thought was a coyote. Scared the crap out of me (I had read those stories last night about the coyotes eating cats and puppies in Bellevue. I immediately went into warrior-protector-mama mode and put myself between the animal and puppy. He just laid down and made sure I was paying attention. I was still flailing around and goiing balistic on "protecting" Cedar. Cedar didn't even notice the "coyote" , and when I looked again, it wasn't Coyote. It was a Red Wolf. As soon as I recognized that, he went into the house and sat in a corner and waited for me to come over......the rest of this 'converstion' is still in progress and not for here...the message though is that I have been "protecting/willing on/controlling/managing so much all the time--that no one can breathe, not even me...and not my dog...not my students. I don't know how not to be a control-freak. Guess it's time to learn (dammit!):)I know this lesson will come around again with the kid. Thanks, Helpers and Protectors. Off to the Field with Little Man, Tasha and Eli with a stop to get my slippers at Avis's. Going to work on report cards between cups of good coffee and walks on logging roads.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

"My after forty face felt far more comfortable than anything I lived with previously. Self-confidence was a powerful beauty potion; I looked better because I felt better. Failure and grief as well as success and love had served me well. Finally, I was tapping into that most hard-won of youth dews: wisdom."---Nancy Collins
This has been a week of contrasts.
Tough at work, love at home.
Love at work, tough at home.
Rejoicing in spring, aching with grief for my Beloved Fiona and Sadie. It happens with every change of season.
Dear Friends who come into my home to care for my little dog and whose energy I feel when I come home...
a cold bed with books, NPR, and a basketful of homework.
(speaking of which, I haven't done mine yet and I have an exam tmorrow and here I am writing instead...then I am going to have a scathingly hot bath with the end of Bel Canto (read this if you haven't--it's a chewy little novel)
Another cut to the chase Lenten journey topic--Trust in God and Abba's Love and Plan for your Life, all Life....eeeiiiiyyiihhh!
We went from limitations (yikes) to trust in 0-7days. I am thankful because I asked for this on my prayer plate.
I am exhausted and my body aches still. My head hurts. My neck is stiff. My jaw reverberates with the tight cacophony of 'monkeymind'...and then I look at Luna, swathed in cotton-swirled clouds through the eclipsing emergence of pear blossoms...and I find Peace and Breath.
Music on the docket--everything from the lead singer from 10,000 Maniacs to Fats Dominoe to yenarm.
The more I think I know, the more I need/want to learn.
After some Vietnamese I want to learn Latin.
I wonder if I am going to like the rhythm and saga of everyday life with a kid, a job, and a dog. Right now, in all honesty, I say no. But I couldn't make it to the SOLO parenting group this week. It was too painful to go. No other words for it.
Crumby dreams when I let myself just dream and don't listen to music or talk radio to have 'company"...horrible in fact. Makes me want to get back into therapy...but I'll just trust that it's affirming that I take things deeply to heart, that I am really tired, really grateful, and this is one way that Spirit gets through the layer of monkeymind to what's really on my Heart.
This latest awful dream was about cooking up my dear new puppy and skinning him, fully prepared to eat him because I wanted meat. And right before I was to take a bite, he looked up at me with eyes full of GREAT PAIN AND QUESTION. He was still alive after I had done that to him! I woke up with a scream and sick to my stomach. And that's what I get to look forward to when I go to sleep....I wish I knew what that meant except that I know I have to stay the path of not eating meat from things with faces...
Still working out as often as I can and taking long walks with Cedar in the morning, not so much at night...too tired. We play a lot in the backyard.
I am happy about the chance to help out with dance on Tuesdays. I'll confirm with the powers that be to see if I heard right.
Things are evening out at work. Still don't know what grade I will be teaching next year. I hope it's first. I have the time to wait and I love the little kids. I wish I could stay home and homeschool. I'm going to give some energy to what that might look like and how I might make that work. I am becoming more and more bummed out with the cost of living in this neighborhood. Pretty soon, it's not going to be people like me...hell no, I'm staying!!! We'll figure it out. And I'll grow watermelon on my parking strip if I want to! This is Ballard!
On another note--I have a date with harper boy. Also one with the assistant women's crew coach at the U. We'll see. Boys are a whole nother gardenburger.
p.s. I am finally going to NATCHEZ in Mississippi this summer! Miz Sister Teresa and I made plans yesterday to go the last weekend in June. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's right up there with the Egyptian pyramids and Machu Pichu for me--don't ask me why, I am weird and erin and that's all that (she said with that swagger of her head and snapping her fingers in front like on SNL before it got too weird and the music stupid and too modern for me...)
And would somebody PLEASE TELL ME what American Idol is and why kids stay up watching this stupid show with people who have something called a Fauxhawk?!?!!!???? Whatevah?!?


Monday, March 26, 2007

Still in the funk.
Still managing and am grateful.
Have managed not to hurt my dog today and we played some good Sheltie ball.
One of my dear friends put down her beloved dog of 15 years today. It was time. The family is bereft. Send your thoughts of support and comfort down Auburn way.
I do not know why I am so uptight about tomorrow night's student-led conferences. Yes, I do. And I don't want to look at it, talk about it or get real with it. Sometimes being a 4 sucks. That's when it is time to act as if and then it might just.
Many thanks to Thread Girl for coming in and helping after school. I was able to get even more done on top of that when I went back this evening.
And thanks to the Star Sister for taking such good care of the LIttle Man this week. He is happy and full of beans. I still have the woodstove covered up. He alarms any time he sees himself.
So, while I was writing this, I think he is sitting right next to me happily chewing on one of his chewies. Nope. He figured out how to slip out of the enclosure I have us both in, get the bathroom door stop, bring it back onto his little dog rug here and he was chewing away, making splinters hang off of his lips.
I'm real awake--not.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

So, my dog is growling at his own reflection in the woodstove (which obviously is Not ablaze at the moment)...sigh.
It has been an interesting weekend. The anti-ache drugs from Val are kicking in and I am beginning to feel like myself again. Go Tylenol Arthritis! Thanks to Thread Girl for helping me out in my classroom today. I also was able to do some yardwork in the front with the Meister in his dog-pen. We also played some rousing hide-n-seek and I think he has forgotten that I shut his ear in the back door this morning before church (it was awful to hear him) and that I stepped on his foot during Sheltie ball this afternoon...this flu/crud/aches/can't get warm/bad mood sludge thing that I have is not helping me enjoy time with my dog. I want it done with now, please. Tried to do homework last night and got some finished. I am not ready for this week but here it comes anyway. One would never know that we have had three days without the students. Tomorrow, I need to be rested and patient for time with the students. Made plans to go to Copalis Beach with Mary J. and Cedar for a few days over spring break. Looking forward to that in a big way. Have plans to get the RV serviced and ready for future explorations...'Tis the season for mowing and yardwork. Boy, did I love the feel and smell of the moist earth on my hands this afternoon. One plus for the daylight savings time. I do not like to walk in the dark but the evenings have their plus side. I hope I can work out tomorrow. That should help with moving this energy off and out.................

Friday, March 23, 2007

You know, it's easy to get discouraged about things, but I'm sitting here reflecting as I finished my homework, and it hasn't been a bad week. I learned what a leek was and how to cook it. I may not be learning anything about Viet Nam or how to communicate with the people there, but Cedar is happy and well-cared for. I am happy and well-cared for. There was simple abundance to share this week. My neighbors are good friends. One of the premier dog-trainers in this part of the world (other than Auntie Lydia) said that I had a sweet well-behaved boy dog with a perfect name. We walked among madronas, cedars, hemlocks, firs, and pines in the rain on Thursday and it was almost like being down at the coast or at the Field. I am liking my decision to go back down to first or second grade next year (but will be content where-ever I end up because I can be and mean it and live it). There was a tough, but meaningful prayer circle time with Thread Girl. It was about limitations...and boy, I didn't like that one, and I had a few lessons from the Universe to acknowledge this week. Flickers, two of them, in the pear tree made themselves known to me and also out where Cedar and I were walking among the trees where the puppy classes are. Flickers...I'll have to look that one up. I love flickers. It has also been fun teaching this dog not to alarm at the images on this computer or the one time in the past month when I have put on a movie. It is so "not raahht" having a somewhat attentive dog who notices visual images. (He also tried to mouth my toes tonight and got his first blast of Binaca in over two weeks. ) It worked. He left my feet alone. It's time for bed. Class tomorrow. Going to check out the Sultan/O'Dea soccer game and hang out with the piper at half-time. Then it's school work and some gardening...or maybe I will still feel like this and have to hang out in front of the fire with my dog...not bad...really.
I caught the flu...or the flu caught me.
It's been a quiet day. Managed to go down to the teacher-day in the southend. I always love to see Dad there. Nio energy to really care about meeting up with colleagues and friends old and new. Probably should have stayed home.
Enjoyed a couple of really good classes on data collection and identifying at-risk readers. Didn't manage to have the energy to go to lunch with my colleagues.
Came home. No energy. Cold-very cold. Aches, dizzy, no appetite.I enjoyed a walk with Cedar in the cold, refreshing rain-sprinkled wind. There are some weird characters walking around this neighborhood mid-day. I didn't cross over to the other side of the street but three of them did not make eye contact. I'm pretty sure they were from the highschool. Spent the rest of the day asleep, trying to get warm.
Managed to do just that this afternoon with a scaldingly hot bath, a good book (Bel Canto for Bookgroup) and long underwear, fleece shirt, a sweater, my fleece bathrobe and cranking up this woodstove and making a nest for the pup and me. Been enjoying doing homework for my Spalding class with intermittent trips outside for play and needs and of course, petting time. Even though I feel awful, I keep holding the thought that at this very moment, I am in the middle of one of my Dreams Come True-with the meaningful work, the cozy fire, homemade (with new to me, organic vegetables) soup ready when I feel okay to eat, a happy, healthy, well-behaved puppy here, emails and calls from friends and family, and lots to look forward to.,....Dreams Come True. Sounds like a great name for a sailboat...or this day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brain off...Breath on.
My newest motto...or Monkey Mind BE GONE! You are banished from the Queendom!
Good puppy class tonight. Hard day at school.
Tomorrow is a workshop day.
Been having trouble staying in the present and not worrying( aka PANICKING)
Still receiving lessons from the Universe about addictive behaviors that do NOT bring joy, beauty, or usefulness and which rob resources and energy from the NOW. Talked with my mother about that one. Got a reality check and some support.
As Martha would say, "It's a good thing". Another chance to grow the skills/behaviors and to practice the choices which will bring the desired natural consequences. It is just going to be painful for awhile.
There is a meeting on Tuesday with the new regional directors and program coordinators for the agency I am working with. They closed their Seattle/Bellevue office last Friday with no advanced warning. It has been hard not to get discouraged again.
As my wall says in my kitchen"I will not let what I think destroy what I BELIEVE". New nearest office will be Vancouver, WA or Troutdale wherever that is... we'll roll with it.
I am really enjoying teaching the dancing lately. The rhythm and design of the class flow. It feels right.
I'm all about the feeling "raahght" thing (as they say in MS).
I want to work in my garden and do yardwork. I do not want to spend hours and hours correcting papers and logging grades...
Is anyone else out there sick of this cold and wet weather?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring and Blessed Ostara!
The first trillium came up yesterday and our first garden tulip.
The golden spyrea is in its budding glory and the tight pink buds of the laceleaf are almost ready.
Cedar had a puppy playdate with Jack, the redheaded poodlepup who is 7 days younger than he is. It went GREAT!
It was a sparkle day this morning....so wonderful here...and so cold that I hauled inenough wood last night for a fire for a week and then didn't have the energy to make one! Made split pea-leek soup to warm the insides instead!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Love Irish coffee...one.
Love learning what I need to be a more effective reading/writing/spelling teacher.
Love knowing that what I am learning will benefit ANY student.
Love that Big Golden Dog and my Skookum pup will be friends...they already are!
Loved spending St. Paddy's Day my own way yesterday--doing what I love to do and with dear ones. A different way than the excitement and flurry of all the previous years.
Love that there is Dash proof...some divas are so clever!
Love seeing sunshine spotting through the clouds as I write this.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happiness is finishing the rewrite of the MS grant that I offered to do.
Happiness is that I know how to do that kind of writing, planning, and assessment stuff now.
Happiness is that I am going to have a Shamrock Shake tomorrow.
Happiness is Cedar and his "leader" finishing the second puppy class and we are INTO it. We've had a 4 week head start.
Happiness is confirming that my cottage does, in fact, list to the east...as I was writing these happinesses, I forgot to take Cedar outside and so he did it inside...and it all flowed quickly to the east. Good to know.
Happiness is being able to let go of some things...like doing alot of shows at this time of year. This year, it's hitting me pretty hard that Fiona isn't around and that my energy is elsewhere. The teaching is fine, the performing...well, I'll do special ones, but I get to choose. Rowanfae did a lively show at the Heritage House today. I went down to support them. I'm looking forward to some celebrating this weekend and the Family Set on Sunday with the Tara dancers.
Happiness is singing because the Grace of God is...
Happiness is Fishtale ale in my little green teacup and Pam and Philip on the CD player.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happiness is walking with my puppy.
Happiness is walking with my puppy, meeting lots of other dogs and not being nervous or afraid...having lots of treats in one's pockets helps. We are meeting new to us neighbors who live in the new townhomes all over the place. I am beginning to recognize silhouettes of other predawn dogs and their human walkers in the morning.
Happiness is the sound of the wind in a eucalyptus tree.
Happiness is seeing the layers of grey in the western sky and the clouds moving in front of those layers.
Happiness is being around 4th graders who thought my examples of "juicy descriptive writing" (Harry Potter, Charlotte's Web, Emily Dickinson) were lame and challenged me to find some in "Eragon". I said I accepted the thrown gauntlet and said my examples of choice would come from "Eldest"...and while they were at P.E. that's just what I did! Thank you Christopher Paolini, Joey and Kieren, and my visual memory...and here's the best part! As we were going out the door, one of my bright stars, who has yet to be truly impressed this year by anything I have offered, says to me under his breath as he is going out the door--"Really, Ms. R, your gauntlet examples weren't so juicy. I'm writing my own book, and what I have written at home would put Eldest to shame!" I looked at him, laughed in a roar from my belly, and said-"YOU'RE ON!! When's publication? I AM YOUR FIRST CUSTOMER!:)...and tomorrow, I have him looking up the word "odious" and "synchronicity". Ms. R, thy name ain't subtlety!:)
Happiness is dancing with a sweetheart who just beams as we hold hands and she does her very own version of what we are showing her and it is "awwrhiite' ( as they say in Jonestown)
Happiness is working in front of a cozy, popping fire with a cup of hot cocoa and my puppy gnawing on his chewie at my feet.
Happiness is having another batch of adoption paperwork to put together and send in to the government tomorrow.
Happiness is knowing that I have had NO knee repercussions from doing the Dash.
Happiness is right here. right now.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Happiness is a warm puppy, asleep in your lap, in front of the fire, on a cold, windy almost spring night.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bourree and Dash Away!
It's been a weekend...Friday didn't end so well at school. I have some apologizing to do as Iit into my students at the very end of the day...it was not a good way to end the week.
Cedar and I just returned from our first walk at Shilshole from the spot where He-With-Concrete-In-Leg-Stood all the way down to the restored nature wetlands and the end of the beach and back again. The warm, blustery Pineapple Express Wind did a number on our respective red curls. We chanced to meet other dogs, kids, frisbee throwers, kite flyers, sailors and boats, windsurfers, kingfishers, seagulls and crows,...and sand.

And boy did we Dash this morning, Diva et Moi! In Keane dance dresses and tiaras! Now I can say that I have danced ON the viaduct and through the finish line! It was fun! Doable! Fun! And the wind and hard rain hit just at the end! I loved being part of the "mass" instead of just at the finish line as part of the 'entertainment'! And I heard "Ms. Raney? MS. RANEY!! no fewer than three times(School parents/kids) during the Dash and one "oh my gawd, is that like...a Keane dance costume? That was like my first dance school costume and you're wearing it."

And I learned to French country dance last night right here in Ballard. I learned several bourees. It was fun, too. These dances all begin on the left foot. They only have two parts and were similar in many ways to what I know and teach. I might have to go to Value Village and find a swirly skirt to wear. The instructor speaks French and goes to Curves. That's how we met. I will plan to go again. It's once a month. Live music with French bagpipes (small, beautiful), hurdy-gurdy and fiddle. We also danced a circle dance called a Circassian Circle--apparently this dance is a common one in many traditions. It is important in French dancing to acknowledge one's partners. Learn something new. I can check off my healthy brain activities for the weekend.
I baked a couple of quiches and blueberry muffins and the house smells good. I loaded enough wood indoors till the end of April, I believe.
Two long naps-3 hours each, and I can almost feel my good humor returning. And I had class Friday night and I stayed late and did half my homework. Now it's time for lesson plans (maybe after another nap ;)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kids make me laugh.
And I can't even remember right now what it was that made me laugh, but there were a couple of belly-roars out of me today and I am still feelin' the reverb...Being contented. There's a alot to be said for that.
Sheepdog Seamus is at my feet gnawing on a thing.
I went to the first session of Puppy manners and Dog Training R US out at SHoreline tonight.
It's going to be work and worth it.
He's doing well in doggie daycare twice a week learning how to hang out with big dogs, other dogs, other people, cats, kids, and get training on the days when my shedule is busy with work and dance.
It's an investment to be sure.
Hearing Altan this week in person was an absolute Heart-Awakener and matched the Greening that is happening all around and in us.
Must work in the garden. It's difficult with the class I'm taking and all that work requires. In bits and pieces...
In Sacred Prayer time this week, the question is: How can I be still and be more present to God's purpose in my Life?
At school, we have learned that the original word for "repentance" in Luke's Gospel was "metanoia" which branches out into "meta=beyond "nous"=mind...no, it doesn't mean you are out of your mind, crazy...it literally means moving out your present state of mind and opening yourself up to God's loving Presence and Healing. So many of Jesus' miracles were an "opening up"--opening the eyes to see the face of the Son of God, opening ears to hear words of compassion and love, opening the tongue/muteness to praising God and singing...an opening up.
There are many Blessings here and now:
*the forsythia in the front garden is beginning to pop open
*Maude is healing and feeling better
*Cedar is learning to live without Bindi
*I am learning that it's okay that I have to follow different rules and I don't get to go to VIetnam to pick out a child and then three months later have all the paperwork validated by a top Vietnamese official...
*Sleep is a very good thing
*God -daughter is coming Home...I hope that it is home to herself and her peace...all else will flow from that.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

For anyone remotely interested, my walk with Cute Harp Boy went exceedingly well.
We are planinng to walk and talk again.
He's a Taurus. And a 4. And plays harp (really well). And knows and uses the eneagram and the Myers-Briggs, and has taken classes from a special lady named Janine, and knew exactly what I was talking about when I saw kingfishers and I mentioned a book called "Animal Speak" and he came back with the author and said "I use that book all the time".
It was a good walk. We met right down by the Viking-That-Shall-Not_Be-Moved.
I challenge my big brother to come up with a Norwegian joke about that for St. Patrick's Day. You have to admit they did it right 45 years ago when they put Leif up.
Have you looked outside, really looked?
And listened? And touched? And sniffed? Mother Earth is waking up!
In blase terms, me in a state of "I'm glad the season is changing and I am in a 'normal" state of being", I am enjoying this rhythm of life. As a 4, it is easy to spend a ton of energy in the past and in the future. As each new season since Fiona died comes to bear, part of me holds my breath for something critical or Life-upending to happen...something that will tear my Heart into shreds again..and it doesn't. Somehow it would be okay anyway, whatever happens, in time...but days with good plain coffee, music, Thing-Things, gardening to do, laundry to fold, meals to plan and prepare for the week, ironing, walks and working out, writing and studying for my Spalding class, lesson planning, book group and French, prayer and sacred sharing time with my Sacred Contracts Sister-Friends, doing more adoption paperwork....this is working. This is it.
A recap on the past two days with the Things;
Long walk in the morning in the predawn, even before the birds were up. I love that with them.
Then I had my Spalding class until 12:30.
Let the dogs out for someplaytime and then I took Cedar up to Fuzzy Buddies where they have a Puppy Playgroup on Saturdays for an hour and a half. It was interesting. At first, he got cornered by a large labradoodle puppy -9 months old, named Charlie and the same thing happened that has been happening with Bindi-he gives the back-off cue and the larger pup won't back-off. It began to escalate and so we went into the smaller pen until the larger pups were done after a few minutes. Over the course of the next hour, it was interesting...he made friends with all the people who had treats and he would go right ut and sit in front of them and get rewarded (until I asked them not to reward that.)He sniffed a bit, played ball, got some running, more running, got other puppies running and did some jumping over the dog hurdles. We will come again. I don't like it when other people tell me what to do with my dog--obviously. (Come to think of it...I don't like it when other people tell me what to do with My life or anything...unless I ask...damn Taurus habit) And it was plain that he still doesn't regard me completely as his "only" but it is getting better. This puppy is learning how to play nice and I am learning how to be a more "normal" dog-mom. Also, it's annoying that most people think Cedar is the name of a girl dog. I don't care. It's his name.
Came back and Bindi Sue Loo-Who and I went for the mother of all walks-just the two of us. She was ready to get out and walk, sniff, look, listen, and walk some more. We came back and she was still raring to go so we did some training and playing in the backyard. Then it was naptime for all of us. (Another aside: I love it when she is in the kitchen on her side of the pen and she and I are playing "catch" or whatever and I get down on the floor and she curls up in my lap, wiggling with love and joy the whole time and we play and talk and I stroke her there and tell her what a good girl she is in a low, sweet voice. She melts. And three seconds later, she is bored and we toss the Santa again or what's even more fun is when I "juggle" two toys at once-I think of it as "toss and go". I toss one up and the instant she catches it in the air, I toss up the other one and so she has to bring me the one and get the other one in a split second--and she does most of the time!) It's exciting.)
I enjoyed dinner with Dad and the Birthday Girls last night.
Came home for another walk--this time under the mist shrouded almost full moon. Loverly and there are still a lot of homes with twinkle lights and luminarias up in our neighborhood. Tried to watch "Flushed Away" after the walk, but I was toast.

This morning, we slept in until 6:15am. Delicious. When everyone was finished with their business, we took off on an hourly this morning. Flickers, crows, and seagulls punctuated the air. The air was sweet and it wasn't raining (not that that would stop us). We walked almost up to 80th and around. Still early enough that most folks weren't up yet yet light enough that I could enjoy gardens and home improvement projects. Bindi has a way of looking like she is sniffing and then she can, in a FLASH, pick up a piece of garbage or a cigarette butt or something when she can sense that my attention is elsewhere. Guess who learned that lovely little behavior from his smart cousin? I love (and struggle with) the fact that Bindi (and Cedar to a much less degree because he doesn't have the brains she does) requires me to be fully present and mindful ALL THE TIME IN EVERY MOMENT. Wow! Another epiphany--I will add that to my list--a Buddhist meditation sort of plus to having two puppies at once. Even one.
They are both in their crates with Breakfast #2 (1/2 of their whole brekkie) in a frozen Kong and I have coffee, am doing laundry, cleaning, and getting ready to do schoolwowrk. I am going to plant herbs today and dig holes for compost. The Thing-Things will not watch me do that one:)

Friday, March 02, 2007

And the day is done..almost.
I still have to do my Spalding homeowrk because I have class tomorrow.
Just let the dogs out one more time..man, I almost started singing that song---you know the one...
Any-hoo, did the Curves ceilidh..those Curves women talked a good game but when it came down to put up or shut up, only two showed up. The rest of the the folks were MY friends and relations! That says alot and it was for a good cause for the Ballard Food Bank. The musicians rocked. It was fun.
Still some issues at school with a particular student. Said student wasn't in the classroom 3 seconds this a.m. when said student slapped another smaller kid across the cheek. He was out of our room faster than you could say "Oh S--it." and down to the office...and all I could say was "You're done." and I meant it. Still do. Where's my lime juice when I need it?!?!
Puppies had an interesting day. We have pictures to prove it.
Alice came with Auntie Lydia to Fair Isle mudbowl today. Apparently, all she (Alice, not Lydia) has to do is curl her lip and Bindi goes into groveling, "i'm not worthy"--here-let-me-turn-over-on-my-belly-in-the-mud-for-you-O-Great-One" and Cedar--he is walking around with Bindi's leash in his mouth the whole time, walking her in a circle! Then when Alice did a little-"let me show you what the big dogs can do" and she sat, picture Bindi on one side of her and Cedar also, sitting unbidden--an Alice sandwich! Apparently, we have mice here at Fair Isle in the basement. This is Alice's job-her real one-and she went straight to the basement and was doing her work sniffing them out (and she is trained to catch and kill mice and rats) and was not happy to have to come out without bringing Lydia a "present". I will set traps after I try to talk to them tomorrow. There isn't anything for them to eat down there...
We had a long and lovely walk in the rain this afternoon. It was lovely also to watch the snow come down this morning at school. I have a lot of cleaning and schoolwork to do this weekend.
I hope Loolie had a wonderful birthday. I forgot to call her but I thought about her all day! Happy Rebirthday, SIstah!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cedar and Bindi went off to Camp Alice today with Auntie Lydia...before training and walks.
More imaginings...Imagine Katherine Hepburn in a grand dame Airedale suit and the inherent will, dignity, power, and attitude to match.(With spit-spot no-nonsense training and precision)
Imagine this next to Brittney Spears(the way she is acting now) with brains at 14 years old in a border collie/aussie suit.
Add to this mix, Michael J. Fox when he was younger (from that whiny t.v. show he was in and he was the dork in the family) in a sheltie suit when all he did was talk and protest.
This was Camp Alice with Lydia large and in charge today.
And I quote..."Bindi found out FAST that Alice gives one warning and that's it. She spent the rest of the time groveling and begging forgiveness. Cedar was afraid of Alice and wanted to bark. Alice ignored him. He quit and went about his business. So all was fine. Then I walked them all-alot."

On the puppy front, all was and is fine. In bed with frozen carrots. Had training and play, dinner and more play, then lovins with me.

School was a different matter. Let's just say that I ended up bleeding with a knot on my head as I was holding boundaries around one of my students.He slammed a door on my face. He did not do it on purpose. I never lost it. I never gave up on him. Love and Logic works. It was the same as working with one of these puppies--only I felt Jesus right next to me pouring the Love in and through me to this child. I didn't make it to dance which disappointed me. Loving on the puppies helped. I was drained and sad for the whole thing. I documented, documented, documented... the entire episode from beginning to finish was witnessed by multiple people. I wish we had a counselor on site at my school. It should be a priority. So should mandatory family counseling for some families. This is why I wish not to be an administrator.